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Walking at rubber tree plantation

Taking photo is one of ways to enjoy my leisure time. But after having a new DSLR with video facility, making video has been a new hobby for me too. Just like photo, video also creates a lot of opportunities for the objects and locations. While a photo is freezing scene, a video can give  more intimate scene when watching it especially when we add a music into it (what do you think?).

Every day i see beauty of lines, shapes, forms in many way. But it mostly goes unappreciated. There are streets, people, buildings, sky, plants around us. Perhaps, it’s nice to stop, to look at and take a moment to appriciate what make them so beautiful.

It’s a fun trip, when some friends asked me to come together to visit a rubber tree plantation not far from home.  What i love in a rubber tree plantation is the beauty of the repitition of lines and  misty morning atmosphere.

But firstly we have to switch off the TV and computer at night and go straight to bed. Secondly, we have to rush to get out the door early in the morning, one or two hours before the sun rises, to have the misty morning in our pictures.

Walking at a rubber tree plantation is one of a few simple ideas how we can enjoy outdoors and the fresh air. With a tripod and set the timer, we can make photos and videos of ourself there too. Yeah, for some people it does not come so easily to pose in front of a camera even if there are no other people there. But when you see the result, you will be too  busy to smile 😉

This is one of my simple ways to remain young and alive. What is yours?

See my video on youtube.



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